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Better Life Partners COVID-19 // Drug Recovery Services Update #4

One of the best information sources we’ve found, both on COVID-19, and how it effects drug recovery and the opioid epidemic in NH. The speaker is David de Gijsel, MD, MSc, MPH–Infectious Disease Specialist at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Assistant Professor at...

COVID-19 Information

A compilation of good sources related to general COVID-19 information, Spiritual/Church resources, Good/Positive news stories, and Children's resources.General Information:Spiritual Guidance / Church Resources:Good News Sources:Resources For Children:


 NHA Pastors Embrace Koinonia by Dick Kiernan “No hymns allowed!”  Our story starts with a joke on Pastor Steve Magee.  He called to ask if his church could belong in the NH Alliance.  He explained that they recite the Lord’s Prayer and sing hymns and I responded...