Coming Together Since 1990
When the Alliance was established in 1990, we consisted of a small group of pastors who came together to seek the Lord for the revival and transformation of New Hampshire. At that time, the Lord spoke clearly “before you set your hands to plan anything, I want you first to become friends." As time went on, the vision of John 17:23 became core to our vision: that we would see the Church unified unto the glory of Christ in our state.
As we enter into our 27th year as the NH Alliance, our vision and mission are clearer than ever before. We’ve expanded our mission to include the connecting of intercessors, worshippers, and outreach ministries, but our core goal remains the same: to see the Body of Christ increasingly connected, that our unity will foster an unprecedented move of Christ and His Kingdom in New Hampshire. To achieve this, we seek to connect the 25-regions of our state in 2017.
Partnering with the Body of Christ
However, we cannot do this without your help. To deliver our Newsletter, Days of Prayer, Pastor’s Day Out, statewide Prayer Summit and Intercessors Network that strengthen and connect the Church of NH, we require a part-time staff that is funded by the donations of our partners throughout the state. To continue in our mission, we need 200 partners to sign up in 2017.
Who is a NH Alliance Partner?
While we have friends throughout the state who help advance the work of unity in various ways, our formal partners are the churches individuals, ministries, and businesses who agree with our core beliefs and vision and contribute a donation annually.
Why you should join, TODAY!
Now through February 15, a donor has agreed to match up to $3
000 of incoming donations to the NH Alliance. This matching offer that your gift will go twice as far when you sign up before February 15! If you are one of the individuals, churches, businesses or ministries who aligns with this vision, we ask that today you become a partner and help us reach our goals for 2017.
Sign up today at, or make a general donation by mail or PayPal today. Email for information or visit to donate today.