A report on Restore and Revive from New England Alliance leader, Johnathan Friz
Seeing that Moody Auditorium filled almost to capacity with passionate worshippers was absolutely incredible…and that wasn’t even nearly the best part. There was such a sweet spirit of unity and freedom. Many professed faith in Christ for the first time, and there was a major focus on evangelism in the main sessions. On the drive home, people began sharing their faith and people made professions of faith in Jesus Christ in restaurants and even outside of Jonathan Edward’s church in Northampton. As many described, it was a taste of heaven on earth both in the sense that God was there and also because of the family reunion element of our time together. In the 1880’s and 90’s, Moody’s contemporaries described Northfield as “Heaven on Earth”. The fact that that is once again being said again after all these years is nothing short of a miracle and is a sign of what God is doing in New England.
The night of October 1 was a major highlight as Chuck Pierce declared the following into an atmosphere electrified by worship:
“For many have prayed and others have travailed, others have decreed, and I say to you: You have gathered to restore and bring to fulfillment that which has been sent up into heaven and now I’m beginning to pour out. I say this night fulfills and this night begins, saith the Lord. I say this will be the beginning of that which causes a nation to awaken again.”
As Chuck shared later in the evening, something incredible happened: As he was speaking several hundred people came forward over about 15-20 minutes and threw money on the ground right at the front of the auditorium–a totally spontaneous offering that was larger than the original offering. I was scratching my head…”is this really happening?” The offering put us over the break-even threshold for the event. Wow Lord!