4 Pillars

Together in Prayer

The NH Alliance is committed to building a canopy of prayer through unified prayer ministries and intercessors. To this end, we gather intercessors as a part of the NHA Intercessors Network NHAIN for quarterly events, in addition to hosting an annual Prayer Summit event every spring. The NHA also partners with statewide prayer initiatives, including the National Day of Prayer, 10 Days of Prayer and more. Read more about the NHA Prayer Canopy here.

Together in Worship

Gathering different churches and ministries from around the state, the NH Alliance hosts quarterly nights of worship, known as Regional Nights of Worship. As we exalt Jesus as Lord together, it becomes easy to recognize one another as family and achieve the unity of the Spirit talked about in John 17. Find specific dates and more information on NH Nights of worship check here or on our Facebook page

Together as Leaders

In striving towards unity, the NH Alliance views fellowship and trust between pastoral and church leadership as vital. When this is established and leaders trust one another, we can work together in a more unified way to reach our state. To achieve this, the NH Alliance hosts an annual Pastor’s Day Out conference, for pastors and church leaders, and supports the growth of Pastor’s Fellowships around the state. Find more information on our Pastor’s Fellowship page for a listing of gatherings by region.

Together in Outreach

Believing that outreach is a natural overflow of the Body of Christ, the NHA has the vision to see the church mobilized and activated to influence every realm of society. This has two parts. The first involves the Outreach of the NHA Network, and our team of Regional Coordinators who work to connect churches, ministries, and leaders around the state like with the Good Samaritan Network.

 The second part of NHA Outreach references the Seven Mountains of Culture framework. Using this, we seek to unite Christians to influence the areas of government, education, arts and entertainment, media, business, Church, and family. This branch of the NH Alliance is currently developing. VIsit our outreach page for more information.