The vision of the NHA includes strategic and collaborative outreach to expand the Kingdom of God throughout NH. NHA Outreach has two parts. The first involves the Outreach of the NHA Network, and our team of Regional Coordinators who work to connect churches, ministries, and leaders around the state. Visit our regions page to see part of our network. The second part of NHA Outreach references the Seven Mountains of Culture framework. Using this, we seek to unite Christians to influence the areas of government, education, arts and entertainment, media, business, Church, and family. This branch of the NH Alliance is currently developing. The NHA outreach initiative is currently under development. If you are interested in partnering with the NHA in this area, please contact us at Info@NHAlliance.net.


Want to be connected to more outreach ministries? Check out our Resource List and then email us to share your information. 

Or are you curious to learn more about the NHA’s connection with the Good Samaritan Network? Check out their website, www.goodsamaritanetwork.org for more informaiton