News and Prayer Requests as of Friday, 4/3/2020:

Good News for NH and Grafton County!

In 2 other posts we asked for prayers to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Normally is doubles in 2-3 days but since Sunday in NH it has gone from 258 to 479 which means it has taken more than 4 days to double! Also Grafton County had 17 cases on 4/27 but 6 days later it is at 38—it still hasn’t doubled–in other words it is flattening out!

Progress for Rockingham County; Prayers for Salem, Derry, Windham

Rockingham County (Salem to Portsmouth) went from 75 on 3/27 to 154 on 4/1 which means it took just about 5 days to double–that is an improvement but keep Salem, Derry, and Windham in prayer because these are hot spots.

Pray for Hillsborough County and Manchester

Hillsborough County (Manchester-Nashua-Peterborough region) is currently doubling every 3 days (twice in 6 days) from 43 on 3/27 to 163 on 4/2.

Manchester is also doubling just about every 3 days  (almost twice in 6 days) from 17 on 3/27 to 63 on 4/2.

Lord Jesus, we thank you for the progress we are seeing. We continue to pray that you will use supernatural and natural means to flatten the curve. We pray for the prayer gatherings that will be held in Salem, Manchester, and Milford, and we pray for more places to initiate prayer. Amen!