About Us

History of NHA

Since 1991 the NHA has promoted unity in the body of Christ in NH.  Click here to see a full history.

What’s the fruit?

The fruit of unity is hard to measure, especially when it is the fruit of a relatively decentralized organization that yields no top-down authority.  However, the fruit has been substantial.  Click here to read more about it.

Can we bear fruit together? Do beliefs and practices matter?

Yes, and yes.  We can and are bearing fruit all over the state of New Hampshire.  We do this through the unity that comes through our shared devotion to Jesus Christ.  While we are not a “dogma-centric” organization, we are devoted to the person of Jesus Christ, and His Lordship over New Hampshire.  Click here for a discussion of how we are a broad tent, but absolutely devoted to a few key essentials.

How do “we” work together for good?

Click here to learn more about our operating model and how we’re organized to bear fruit in NH.

How are we organized?

NHA has 3 subministries around 3 constituencies: Pastors, Worshipers, and Intercessors.  In addition, NHA seeks to “incubate” other new ministries in the state.  Click here to learn more about how we serve into these 3 communities.