NHA Servant/Leaders Fellowship

Annual Participants

50-100 NHA Servant/Leaders gather together once per year in the fall to call upon the Name of the Lord and to hear an inspiring Word that will aid us in our Great Commission calling. It is our aim to have every denomination and every region represented. We seek to make new connections that will help us to work together for the kingdom of God.

Quarterly Deliberators

12-20 Servant/Leaders deliberate important issues that come before us every quarter as we seek to bring biblical and theological clarity to the churches. Standing firm in the historic Christian faith and life, we want to help one another to speak the truth in love.

Monthly Coordinators

3-5 Servant/Leaders meet every month by zoom to pray for one another and to plan for our quarterly and annual activities. Together we enjoy the blessings of friendship and mutual care for one another.

New Hampshire Alliance Concerning Ethnicity and the Good News of the Kingdom of God Believing that Jesus is Lord, And holding fast to the central doctrines of Christianity1, the abiding ethics of the Judeo-Christian heritage2, and our shared experience of communion with our heavenly Father and one another3, And considering the times and the devices of an enemy who seeks to steal and to kill and to destroy, After prayer and consideration of God's Word, it seems good to us that we speak with one voice concerning sin, forgiveness, and the hope that has come for all the people groups ...
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