NHA Worship

Regional Nights of Worship

Regional Night Of Worship is an annual gathering of churches in our region to worship Jesus. Different worship leaders and musicians lead us from various churches with one common desire to lift the name of Jesus and promote unity in the church body. The event usually happens at the end of summer or sometime in the fall.

Worship Leaders Connect

Worship Leaders Connect is a community of worship leaders in our region where we encourage and pray for one another, talk about life, fan into flames the gifts and dreams God has given us. We offer help and support each other’s ministry, worship together and lift the name of Jesus with one voice. We meet quarterly at someone’s home or a church that wants to host the gathering.

603Worship Collaborative

603worship is a group of worship leaders, musicians, and creative arts team whose heart is to write and produce original worship songs for our region. Our goal and desire are to see and hear NH worship Jesus, by setting an example. We pray and hope to encourage and inspire other worship leaders and teams to do the same, use their gifts and talent to write and lead homegrown worship songs for our local churches in our region, all for His glory.